From your mother’s womb,

Crawling your way into the world,

You’ve learnt your lessons,

Through the hard way,

By breaking your heart,

And crushing your spirits,

Like they blend tomatoes and chillies together,

You’ve learnt to blend your tears, sweat and blood,

To learn your lessons of love, death and time.

In no particular order.

Take a step back now,

To see what you’ve become,

And how far you’ve come.

You have handled your greatest crisis,

And braved the pain of your loss,

The biggest disappointment has not yet

Broken you down.

Not yet, not just yet.

If you’ve managed to stay afloat,

And alive,

You will live,

And you should.

A lot of people are dead, for random reasons,

For war, lynching, accidents and suicides.

Some are zombies,

Too tired with the drama of life.

Don’t be dead yet,

Stay alive,

You deserve to live,

You deserve to love.

As they said in the books we read as children,

“You deserve to make this world a better place.”

With your mere presence.

You may never get a bravery award,

But you sure deserve one,

Despite the countless pitfalls life has given you,

Braving it all, with a smile on your face,

Through financial, mental and physical hardships,

Look how far you’ve come.

Look what you’ve become.

By Sarba Roy
Portland, Oregon

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