Aarya, now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, is Sushmita Sen’s big comeback to acting after a hiatus of almost a decade. No doubt fans and industry were excited alike to watch her spell magic again. And doing justice to all the expectations and buzz around, creator and Co director Ram Madhvani delivers a 9 episode smashing show. Spanning almost an hour each, Aarya keeps you glued to your sofa and does not hit a single false note. Its so clever and engaging, I bet you would not head for the remote to skip- the biggest downside of consuming content on an OTT Platform from the comfort of your home. The sleek storytelling takes care of this problem.

The show’s plot is woven around a drug syndicate in Rajasthan. Sushmita Sen, the wife finds herself at the center of her family’s dubious pharmaceutical business after her husband is shot dead, ironically a day after he promises to start over.

Now, Aarya (Played by Sushmita Sen) has to take matters into her own hands diving head on into the grim world of drug war, blackmailing and betrayal. She has to make sure her children are unharmed and is determined to avenge her husband’s killer.

Firstly, the treatment of Aarya is unusual yet real. It’s a refreshing change from the multiple look alike web shows we see these days. Even though Aarya tells the story of elite class people living in plush havelis in Rajasthan, every character feels relatable and authentic. You feel their pain, anguish, and vulnerability like one of your own. Many a times genius Ad filmmakers like Madhvani are underestimated. He might be just two 2 movies old but he shatters the ceiling with this one.

What a brilliant powerhouse of talent this series showcases! Namit Das who plays the coked out insecure business partner is a treat to watch. Maaya Sarao delivers such an emotional performance, she is pure gold. All other supporting actors like Sikander Kher, Ankur Bhatia, Manish Choudhary, Jayant Kriplani and Vikas Kumar deliver top notch performances and add mettle to the narrative. Its heartening to see the adorable Chandrachur Singh again after so many years even though his is a small part.

The brightest star of the show, hands down is the Queen Sushmita Sen. Its an out and out Sushmita show. The grace and poise with which she holds every frame is a delight to watch. Sen’s Aarya eludes a certain kind of aura and gusto, which cannot be taught. She seeps into the skin of the character seamlessly. This 9-episode show reinforced all the reasons why the Universe fell in love with her in the first place. True in all these years she never got her due maybe because she never got the right kind of roles, but I feel Aarya will turn the tables for her. This is easily her career’s best performance.

Even though the show is an adaptation of the Dutch show ‘Penoza’, the creators have flawlessly adapted it for the Indian audience such as the use of vintage hindi music in the show. A lot of times it’s played in the background to provide a sense of irony for what’s going on in the story at that point. Other times accurately emaculating the music with the mood of the characters. Songs like ‘Akele Akele kahaan jaa rahe ho’ and ‘Khoya Khoya Chaand’ bring in a soothing old world charm which provides a sense of calm to this dark crime drama.

Aarya is one of the few female led shows, which is powerful and hits the right chords. The smart writing makes the show unpredictable and pacey. The show kept me on the edge and made me curious about what was coming next: For me that’s a winner! The first season shows promise and has all the ingredients to become a long running show.

P.S.- You will see Sushmita Sen like never before!

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