A story was evolved that burdened lives which were smooth,

The story was a lie, which did not hold any truth.

The story was crafted and drafted by a group amongst friends,

The story spread like wildfire that did not have any ends.

The story did unfold the honesty of friendship,

The story was ruthless and brought them all the hardship.

The story did rounds and was whispered for fun,

The story led to sorrows, which made the couple’s life undone.

The story was gossiped amidst the darkness of midnight,

The story found ways for the couple to fight.

The story kept hurting and haunting the feelings,

The story ought to stop for the pain, which urged healing.

When the things were out of control they thought ways to dope,

But the fear of losing self, gave them a ray of hope.

With a strong willed mind, they both held their hands together,

They both chose to fight, like its now or never.

The story was challenged and both faced all questions raised,

Nothing left unanswered till the story got erased.

Its the love that triumphed, which taught them not to loose,

Life should move on, full of happiness without any bruise.

By Susmit Das
Chartered Accountant
Cuttack, Odisha

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