Time- 10 Minutes


1/2 cup peanuts, raw or roasted

1 medium sized onion, quartered

1-2 green chillies

4-5 cloves of garlic

Salt to taste


If using raw peanuts:
Toast them up in a pan over medium heat. Until they’re cooked and don’t taste raw. Once they’ve cooled down, they’re ready for use.

If using roasted peanuts, you can skip the above step.

Add the peanuts, onion, green chillies, and cloves of garlic to a blender. Add salt as per preference.

You can also add the salt after blending.

Once everything is in the pot, place the lid and blend it for 30 seconds.

Check on it once. If it’s too chunky, scrape down the sides and give it another blend.

Repeat until everything has broken down a bit more evenly and the texture is coarse without being a fine paste. Your badam chutney is ready!

Serving suggestions: As a side dish, as any other chutney.

To go out of the box – Use it in your tacos, make the chutney a bit runny or more of a paste and it can double up as a dip for nachos. Add it to salads for that extra bump of umami flavour.

Recipe & video by: prattyandfood