Daddy – Abba – Papa –Bapa – call him by whatever name, the underlying emotion remains the same. A father is that rock-solid person who commits to keeping his family happy and safe for life, without asking for recognition. He brings a sense of security to the family – be it emotional, financial or physical. Not all fathers are the same and not every golden virtue is present in each father. Nonetheless, he is the backbone of our lives.

This Father’s Day we bring to you 7 amazing fathers who proved to be their kid’s true superhero.

1. Jack Pearson from This Is Us

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With three children dealing with their own emotional issues, its not easy for a father to be their go to person and still keep calm. Whether it was Randall who was constantly grapling with the feeling of being different than his siblings or Kate who was not able to get complete acceptance from her peers because of her body or Kevin who always felt outshined by his brother, Jack exactly knew how to tackle the problems of the big three.

His kids carried on his unique Superbowl and Thanksgiving family tradition so that they can always feel his presence even after he was gone. Jack connected with each of his children in his special way and was a torchbearer who guided their way through. 

2. Srikant Tiwari from The Family Man


Its true, little do we know about daddy’s struggle at work because he loves to keep us in safe haven just like Srikant Tiwari. Srikant does his best to juggle between his responsibilities to keep his family happy and nation safe. 

That glimpse when naïve Dhriti expresses that her father is in a government job because one doesn’t have to do much work there describes how less his family knows about the parallel universe where Srikant works. And he goes through all that trouble as he knows how dangerous his job is and how important it is to keep his family insulated.

3. Haathi Ram from Paatal Lok 


The relationship between a father and his child is not always rosy. The journey has its own highs and lows. Paatal Lok depicts a similar sweet-bitter relationship between Haathi Ram and his son Siddharth. But the harsh instances does not mellow down the affection that lies in the father’s heart.

Maybe that is why in the greyest of times Haathi Ram says that “he doesn’t want his son to think less of him” and for that, he will fight for justice. 

4. Gautam Mehra from Made in Heaven


Homosexuality is certainly not a choice. In fact it is a reality which is yet far from acceptance. Made in Heaven tells the story of Karan Mehra’s (Gautam Mehra’s son) struggles with his family and society because he is a gay man.

What touches the chord best is those profound words from Karan’s father telling the media that “He is my son and he has done no wrong”. Those words alone took away the baggage that Karan held on his chest since forever. In real life too, we all witness such daunting moments where our father protects us and teaches us to accept ourselves while not giving a dim to what the world has to say.

5. Phil Dunphy from Modern Family 


Phil Dunphy is definitely a cool father. His relationship with Luke is proof enough. Be it bouncing off basketballs from his head to make a video with Luke to running after Haley to protect her from creepy dudes, Phil makes sure he is exactly the person his kids need him to be. His coolness when Haley announces her pregnancy is worth utmost respect. Back then Phil is petrified from within but at the moment he puts up a calm and ecstatic posture just for Haley. 

6. Ned Stark from Game of Thrones


Ned confessed to false treason for his family and children which resulted in his head on a pike. That’s not just his honor at play, it is also because his primary motto in life was to protect his family from all kinds of harm. Also Ned didn’t aggressively believe in sexism and patriarchy which was prevalent in Westeros. Else, he’d probably forced Arya to learn to be a lady and not learn to swordfight.

Most importantly, Ned taught his kids the importance of looking after each other by giving them life lessons such as ‘When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives’

7. Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty 


Rick is amply clear that life is meaningless and love is a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It goes without saying that he is an exceptionally smart nihilistic scientist but time and again it is shown in the most crooked way possible how much he loves his family. Throughout the series, it’s showcased that he will go to great lengths to keep his daughter and grandkids close, including pushing out his son-in-law for coming in between his family. While in the Season 4 finale he self admits that ‘I am a terrible father’, it’s clear that the decisions he took came from a place of love and he wanted Beth to have the same freedom to explore the galaxy as he had.